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August 28th, 2008 | by admin

VPS Hosting, virtual private server is one of the best option for both small and medium size businesses that need hosting for a customized website, VPS hosting plan is good option for those who can not afford the cost of dedicated server hosting at the moment but require almost same dedicated level of services. With Host.co.in’s virtual dedicated hosting you can have multiple domains hosting on a single server. It enable you to install your own software and run your own applications in secured environment. With a VPS server you can creates multiple isolated Virtual Private Servers on a single physical server to share hardware, which provide independence and maximize efficiency and performance.

While choosing a VPS host give priority to select a virtual private server hosting plan that preferably offer both linux vps hosting and window vps hosting because in case if you launch a site which need window hosting, it will save your time in searching a window VPS host providers. Also make sure the plans are geared towards the requirement of your websites which might need higher resources and secured environment.

Each VPS has its own absolute directory structure and set of dedicated applications. Each can be rebooted without having an effect on any other VPS on the physical server. This technology features ‘fair share’ scheduling of processes, memory, and network, hence each VPS receives the deserved resources and additional brust memory. The VPS features include complete virtual isolation and you get dedicated IP address and fully customize server where you can run your own applications and get root SSH level access. Within the fraction of the cost you get more likely same benefits of a dedicated server and still have same guarantees of a dedicated server.

Host.co.in use Virtuozzo technology which is time tested and security built up, it all has friendly residents and provide enough memory and superb network to make sure each VPS receives the deserved resources.

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