How to select a good multiple domain hosting service

December 17th, 2012 | by admin

Many companies have their website, which are hosted on different hosting accounts. Hosting a website in different hosting accounts make it difficult for the company to manage and run these sites efficiently. Therefore, multiple domain hosting services have emerged as a cost-effective and influential means to manage and run multiple websites without a problem. In the multiple domains hosting, a customer can shift all website domains to a single account and can manage all from the single account. The concept multiple domain hosting allows individuals to host their multiple websites from a single account. While choosing multiple domains hosting for the websites a number of factors need to be considered in order to select a good multiple domain hosting service.

There are the lists of factors one need to check before hiring a multiple domain hosting service.

Disk Space

One of the most important features of multiple domain hosting is disk space. For a multiple domain hosting, we need the maximum amount of disk space so that we can easily enlarge and update our website appropriately. A sufficient amount of disk space will enable the user to add several multimedia files to make the website more remarkable. Most multiple domain hosting companies offer unlimited  disk space in their packages, but always ensure what the package offers to before selecting the any hosting plans.

Efficient control panel

The control panel is required for maintaining and controlling the website especially if we are managing several websites. For proper working of the website, the user must ensure that and then control panel is simple and user-friendly. A good, simple and powerful control panel ensures the efficient and effective management of the websites as well as our business.

Rapid speed

A multiple domain can work more efficiently only when the multiple domain-hosting providers ensure a rapid speed. The company that has their website, which are hosted on different hosting accounts needs very huge amount of bandwidth and brings big traffic.  A multiple domain web  hosting India services is the best thing that can opt in order to accomplish the server requirements. Before we opt for any domain web hosting services, we must ensure that they will offer us the speed we need for all our websites.


A multiple domain hosting can be more efficient and effective for management of the website with the help of support service. The support system offers the users the quality services that can help in any problem they may come across with the domain. The domain host should have access to 24/7 several support system which enable them to have effectively and efficiently  management of websites

A multiple domain hosting has become tremendously popular especially for eCommerce business. A multiple domain provides economics opportunity to its client


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Important features to look for when purchasing/ hiring a hosting service

December 6th, 2012 | by admin

Find the best web hosting services

The enormous growth of online business has resulted in hard-hitting competition for the websites. With the increasing number of websites on the net, the need for web hosting industry has also enhanced. Many of the web hosting services offer different packages to their customers.  It is very important for the users to look for specific features when they are purchasing or hiring a hosting service.

Now let us look at some important features when we are planning to buy/ hiring any hosting service provider we need to know certain things before we invest in any web-hosting plan. There is the list of the features one should always look before purchasing/ hiring any hosting service.

 Amount of Storage and bandwidth: before choosing the web hosting, one of the primary concerns will be about storage .How much data can we store. These days many organizations demands for unlimited storage.  Some hosts may offer unlimited storage it is always advisable to read the terms and condition. Many organizations are doing their business online now for them the business resides at the website; the organization cannot afford to have slow loading web pages on the website. It will not only test the patience of visitors but will also give a bad impression about the business. For fast loading of the web page on the website, we require a good amount of bandwidth. Therefore, before choosing a the web hosting services one must ensure that it offers a good amount of storage and bandwidth

Up time: Another very important feature to know about in a web hosting is the up time. Some companies claim 99% and some 100% up time for the servers. However, to get a better and clear idea about the up time the organization should refer to the hosting review websites. Now it is very important to inquire about up time because for a business website, even on getting down for a few hours simply means the loss of a huge amount of money and it can have a big impact on sales and profit. Moreover, it also affects the reputation of the business and makes the visitor question the credibility. It is not desirable that the site goes down and hampers the business, as the online visitors would not be able to access the site. Therefore, server uptime monitoring is very much required for the site.

Customer support and 24/7 support:  Another very important factor to be consider before purchasing or hiring a web hosting services is Customer support. Customer support also makes a huge impact on the final selection of a web hosting company. Even with exceptional features, the reputation of a web hosting company can be ruined if it does not provide good customer support. Good customer support ensures that the problems related to hosting will be addressed as soon as possible and will be solved in time when some problem occurs in the future.

Backup services:  Now before choosing a web hosting company, we need to know about the backup services provided by the company because in the world of technologies things can go wrong anytime. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep multiple backups to prevent data loss

Price: it is very important feature that the company should look for before investing in any web services always compare the prices with other web hosting company to ensure that we are getting the best of services at competitive rates.  Always take a note of the amount of free storage space offered to us and the price paid t the company.  It is always advisable to go for the affordable package where we get a number of benefits from the web hosting company.

Thus, in the end I could only say that these tips will help us select a right web hosting service for our business because different business needs a different web hosting service or plan

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Setup Apache handlers on cpanel

November 9th, 2009 | by admin

Apache is the most renowned web server among the entire web servers on the internet since long time. Apache HTTP server is open source server which is running nearly 50% of the websites worldwide. According to the recent survey Apache served more than 50% of all websites which is nearly half of all the websites all over the world and this percentage is very high. Apache is secured, functional and is very good in terms of performance and this is the reason that it is the choice if many people.

Because Apache is entirely free of charge, you get a web server which is secured, functional and performance based without paying anything for it. If you are hosting your website on the Apache web server than it is vital for you to know that Apache changes the files when it sees or say calls a file. This means that it has some actions fixed for different types of files and Apache makes some changes when it works on a file.

Now as it is sure that apache is going to make changes in your file also you have to see that the changes made are according to you so that it is good for you and your file i.e. your website. It is possible for you to make a handler for the same purpose. An apache handler is the thing which will help you to tell apache or say command apache the changes which should be made to your file or website when apache works on your file or website. For example :- If you have a website which need a special service to run it, such as a file with server side includes that is not named with a .shtml extension, you need to tell Apache to treat these files differently. For this purpose you will need an apache handler. Below are some easy steps which will help you to create a apache handler.

Follow these Steps to create an Apache handler:-

1. Enter the handler you need to create in a first empty text box provided to you.

2. Enter the extension the handler will use when being called, in the second empty text box.

3. Now just click the add button and you will find that the Apache handler is created.

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Database Backup via cPanel

October 27th, 2009 | by admin

The database backup through cPanel is an easy process, the backup wizard that comes with cPanel allow you to take database backup or restore a backup through your hosting account with an ease. the backup wizard generates one zip file that you only just have to download. The backup wizard give you easy options from where you can select what parts of your hosting account you want to backup and download.

Either you can backup your entire ‘home’ directory, MySQL databases, or the email filters and forwarders configuration. Here below is an easy process which will help you to take the backup by generating a full backup and download that backup to your home PC.

* To access the Backup Menu, click on the icon above the word Backup on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

* Click on Generate/Download a Full Backup

* Select the destination you wish to save the backup to from the drop box next to Backup Destination:

* Enter your email address in the field next to Email Address:. An email will be sent to this address when the backup is

* If you are backing up to a remote server, place the server’s name, your username, and your password on that server in the appropriate fields.

* Click on Generate Backup to start the backup process.

Now you want to download tha backup to your home computer.

1. Click on download a home directory Backup
2. Save the file to your computer.
Its just simple.

Now, you can also download a database backup.

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Linux Security tweak

October 15th, 2009 | by admin

These linux security doc will help you to tweak on the linux server for the security stuff.

1. Exim.
Enable extended logging :
Add the following line in exim, below the first line recommended
log_selector = +address_rewrite +all_parents +arguments
+connection_reject +delay_delivery +delivery_size +dnslist_defer
+incoming_interface +incoming_port +lost_incoming_connection +queue_run
+received_sender +received_recipients +retry_defer +sender_on_delivery
+size_reject +skip_delivery +smtp_confirmation +smtp_connection
+smtp_protocol_error +smtp_syntax_error +subject +tls_cipher +tls_peerdn

Fommail Trap

For Securing Exim i found this a Good resource

2. Httpd :

install mod_security
install mod_dosevasive (causes problem with FP sometimes though)

3. PHP

disable_functions = “system,exec”

eAccelerator for PHP acceleration

4. Some small recommended apps

Install BFD from
Install LSM from
APF from ( since we have portsentry not really required )
rkhunter can be found on

5. cpanel script to disable compilers incase we have not done this yet
/scripts/compilers off


mysql query cache
vi /etc/my.cnf
query-cache-type = 1
query-cache-size = 100M
100M can be changed according to how busy the server is

7. Securing some binaries

chmod 750 /usr/bin/rcp
chmod 750 /usr/bin/wget
chmod 750 /usr/bin/lynx
chmod 750 /usr/bin/links
chmod 750 /usr/bin/scp
chmod 000 /etc/httpd/proxy/

I hope you might have found this Misc security tweaks helpful.

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How to run Several MySQL versions on same Machine

October 8th, 2009 | by admin

If you want to test a MYSQL release or you may require a new version although you won’t want to make any changes in the existing system, you can easily run multiple versions of MySQL on the same Server. It let you compile the new MySQL server with different TCP/IP ports and Unix socket files and that can provide you independent MySQL installations for different customers..

Follow these process to run Several MySQL versions on same Machine ;

First you need to download the tar file from

$> tar xfz mysql.tar.gz
$> cd mysql.XX

* Important **
“/etc/my.cnf ” is the default file that is used by a mysql server. When the new version is tested it will load the default configuration’s in /etc/my.cnf.

Now you can replace every instance of ” cnf ” inside the source folder to ” conf ” by using this following command.

find ./ -type f | xargs perl -pi -w -e ‘s/cnf/conf/g;’

1) The default user generally is “mysql”. Add another user and group for example mysqlt for the new version of MySQL.

2) A typical ./configure command…

./configure –prefix=/usr/local/mysql –enable-local-infile
–with-tcp-port=4444 –with-mysqld-user=mysqlt
–with-base_dir=/usr/local/mysql –with-log=/usr/local/mysql/mysqld.log
-with-unix-socket-path=/tmp/mysqlt.sock –localstatedir=/var/lib/mysqlt


The new values you will use for your new MySQL server are:

Port number : 4444

mysql user : mysqlt

base_dir : /usr/local/mysql

data directory : /var/lib/mysqlt

log file : /usr/local/mysql/mysqld.log

3) Compile and Install

make && make install

4)Create your new MySQL config file.

cp support-files/my-medium.conf /etc/my.conf

cd /usr/local/mysql

bin/mysql_install_db –user=mysqlt
( this will install all the needed databases )
bin/mysqld_safe –user=mysqlt &


/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqladmin -u root -h hostname password ‘new-password’

/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqladmin -u root password ‘new-password’

5) To start the service

cd /usr/local/mysql

./share/mysql/mysql.server start

6) To test

#telnet localhost 4444

and you should see this

Connected to localhost.

Escape character is ‘^]’.

+ 4.0.26-logIE^*THL

Now you can copy mysql.server >> rc.d to start it when the server is rebooted.

once you go through those steps you can download and configure different mysql versions to use different values for port, data directory, mysql user, configuration file etc.

Important Note: You should make sure that you never have two servers that update data in the same databases.

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How to Set-Up CSF ConfigServer Firewall

July 13th, 2009 | by admin

A firewall is a system that shields a computer or a computer network against intrusions which normally comes from a third-party network. A firewall can filter out data packets which are exchanged over the network and thus it safeguard the data from unauthorized access and exploitation.


CSF ConfigServer Firewall is the better choice for securing your web hosting server from unauthorized access.

Here is the procedure to install CSF firewall, if you’ve the root access of your linux server you can easily install and configure CSF firewall following these easy steps;

Login to your linux server with root user.

You have to download csf from following URL:

If you are having any previous csf installation which is not working you should remove it with

rm -fv csf.tgz

Download :

# wget

Untar the compressed file

#tar -zxvf csf.tgz

#cd csf

For installation execute following command

# sh

To enabling csf firewall you have to use following command

#csf -e

and for disabling csf

#csf -x

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XP mode in Windows 7

April 30th, 2009 | by admin

Microsoft is bringing in Windows XP mode in Windows 7 to provide flexibility to run older programs in Windows 7 PC. According to the Windows Blog, All you require to install proper applications directly in Windows XP Mode which is a virtual Windows XP environment running under Windows Virtual PC. The apps will be published to the Windows 7 desktop and then you can run Window XP directly from Windows 7.

Microsoft will shortly releasing the beta of Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate. It’s good news for business and individuals who are running Windows out of taste.

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How to Lock File in Win Rar & Win Zip

January 24th, 2009 | by admin

If you  want to lock a file with a password …You can do it simply using win rar..
Almost all archives support giving password, including WinZip, 7-Zip and it’s not something unusual with Win Rar.
However Win Rar is more comfortable to lock a file with password.
And if you are setting access like this, it is better you set the compression level to “Store”, which will make the compression and decompression faster, since the main endeavor here is to set a password.
1) Right click on the file for which you want the password to b put.
2) Click on “Add to Archive”.
3) Then go to Advanced tab.
4)Click on set password…choose your password.
5) Click ok.
6) A winrar file with your filename will be created.
7) Next you may delete the original file, since you have now compressed it with a password.Anyone trying to open the rar file won’t be able to open that, except he knows the password.

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Create Your Own Server Stat Script

September 29th, 2008 | by admin

If you would like to create your own server stat script in PHP you should first check the current server load and your portsare responding correctly, also you should aware when your service are down such as HTT, MySQL, POP/SMTP  and the users which will be the chief  indicator of a runaway script, or process.

In addition make sure your php script ALWAYS start with <?php  this tells your server that it is in fact a php script


//You can replace the domain with an IP if you wish

$site = “”;  //this is the site you wish to check

// Let’s check our common ports 80, 21, and 110
$http = fsockopen($site, 80);
$ftp = fsockopen($site, 21);
$pop3 = fsockopen($site, 110);

if ($http) {
$status .= “<font face=\”Arial\”><font size=\”2\”><b>HTTP</b>: Working</font></font><br>”;
else {
$status .= “<font face=\”Arial\”><font size=\”2\”><b>HTTP</b>: Not Working</font></font><br>”;

if ($ftp) {
$status .= “<font face=\”Arial\”><font size=\”2\”><b>FTP</b>: Working</font></font><br>”;
else {
$status .= “<font face=\”Arial\”><font size=\”2\”><b>FTP</b>: Not Working</font></font><br>”;

if ($pop3) {
$status .= “<font face=\”Arial\”><font size=\”2\”><b>POP3/SMTP</b>: Working</font></font><br>”;
else {
$status .= “<font face=\”Arial\”><font size=\”2\”><b>POP3/SMTP</b>: Not Working</font></font><br>”;


// Users and load information
$reguptime = trim(exec(”uptime”));
if ($reguptime) {
if (preg_match(”/, *(\d) (users?), .*: (.*), (.*), (.*)/”, $reguptime, $uptime)) {
$users[0] = $uptime[1];
$users[1] = $uptime[2];
$loadnow = $uptime[3];
$load15 = $uptime[4];
$load30 = $uptime[5];
} else {
$users[0] = “Unavailable”;
$users[1] = “–”;
$loadnow = “Unavailable”;
$load15 = “–”;
$load30 = “–”;

echo(”<b>Current Users:</b> $users[0]<br>
<b>Current Load:</b> $loadnow<br><b>Load 15 mins ago:</b> $load15<br><b>Load 15 mins ago:</b> $load30<br><hr>”);

// Operating system
$fp = @fopen(”/proc/version”, “r”);
if ($fp) {
$temp = fgets($fp);

if (preg_match(”/version (.*?) /”, $temp, $osarray)) {
$kernel = $osarray[1];
preg_match(”/[0-9]{5,} (\((.* *)\)\))/”, $temp, $osarray);
$flavour = $osarray[2];
$operatingsystem = $flavour.” (”.PHP_OS.” “.$kernel.”)”;
if (preg_match(”/SMP/”, $buf)) {
$operatingsystem .= ” (SMP)”;
} else {
$result = “(N/A)”;
} else {
$result = “(N/A)”;

echo(”<b>Operating System:</b><br>$operatingsystem”);

When you upload the above code to your server, it will display the status of your services,  the load average and your user.

Now you can work with this, and make it look however you want, add new ports, etc.

Remember, this is just a very basic stat script.

Key Issue
Make sure your host should allow the exec() funtion, in order for this to work properly.

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