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What is Green Web Hosting?

December 26th, 2012

Green web hosting is the latest buzz in the hosting world; which is also known as Eco-friendly hosting. In simple terms, it is a web hosting service that is environment  friendly. It is an Eco- friendly web hosting service, which aims at reducing the energy consumption of the system. Energy is consumed at every step in a data center right from internet connections and electronic security system to environmental and cooling controls.


Now days hosting companies are becoming more aware of their effect on the environment and they are finding ways in which they can make use of environmentally friendly options.

Green web hosting aims at conserving energy. Many green hosting web services use energy efficient servers and network to reduce power consumption and make use of the renewable source of energy to maintain the energy consumption that is required for the working.  Green web hosting aims at reducing or eliminating the carbon footprint of a host by using green technologies such as generating wind power to save energy.

How Does Green Hosting Work?

Green web hosting is a type of hosting in which the web-hosting provider powers their web servers and the entire business through nothing but natural forms of energy such as wind energy and solar electricity. It makes use of green technologies to reduce hazardous environmental impact.

Now days many web-hosting providers are going green by adopting more green technologies For example vitalizing the servers, upgrading the servers to new energy efficient servers or by implementing automated billing engines to reduce paper. Green hosting works in the similar way as traditional web hosting, but the energy used to power the servers are provided by Eco-friendly renewable sources of energy. For example, many Web hosting are actually using 100% wind power to generate power for the servers.

The companies that offer green web hosting services need to buy the renewable energy certificates (RECs). Now purchasing RECs give the service provider and the customer a boost and allows them to contribute towards the environment.


The benefits of Green Web hosting

Although the green web hosting appears to be the latest technology but it offers various benefits to the customer as well as the planet earth. The biggest benefits of green web hosting is that it enables the organisation to reduce the cost of operation because they are using the renewable energy this helps the organisation to save money as they do not have to pay recurring costs on every month. Instead of taking power from a local power source that charges an exuberant price, the hosting company can benefit from the natural power of the sun and the wind and save a lot of money.

Another advantage of green web hosting is that it reduces the carbon prints. Green web hosting is a great way to reduce or eliminate the hazardous elements into the air and make our planet a better place to live

Thus, we can say that a green web hosting is the best option for many organizations who wants to make a world a better place to live. Hosting companies are offering green web hosting solution for the webmaster, as they are concerned for the environment and the problem arising from it. However, it is important for the customer to ensure that the green web hosting provide them with good services for their website.

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The importance of a SLA in web hosting services

December 18th, 2012



Service level agreement is a contract between a customer and a service provider.  Services legal agreement formally defined the level of service and the usage of services. In simple word, SLA is referred to a contracted delivery time of the service and product deployment and its performance. For example, web hosting service providers will commonly include service level agreements within their services and products with the terms of their contracts with customers to define the level of service and product sold.

Why SLA is important in web hosting services?

When you subscribe a hosting service from a Web Hosting Company, you usually come through a Service Level Agreement or SLA to get the assurance that the services are offered with credibility.

A SLA contains a number of vital details about the service agreement right from the subscription purchase until the service accomplishment or termination. SLA is important for an individual who is going to host a website with a web hosting service provider. To check the reliability of web host the first step is to check and carefully read the SLA.  SLA contains a list of services, which the service provider will provide and defines those services, it also states the responsibilities provider and the consumer and remedies available to both if the terms of the SLA are not met.

Every business needs a reliable web hosting for the web hosting purpose that fulfill the requirements of the organisation.  The SLA   ensures that the service provider is offering hosting services with full security and service availability round the clock.  A SLA offers some promises to the business such as

Up time Guarantee:

For the business continuity, the customer must ensure that the service provider provides or guarantees 99.99% availability of the service as well as maintains adequate disaster recovery For example storing data in the cloud as a backup.

The SLA must clearly state performance definition now in cloud performance is measured in terms of up time, which implies that all the servers are available, at all time. The customer must ensure up time from the service provider. A web-hosting provider should ensure 99.99% up time guarantee to the user and the customers through the service level agreement documents

Date security and privacy:

A business website contains a huge collection of data. In a service level agreement, a web hosting service provider defines all the measures to take to protect the information and data on the website from any sort of intrusion or breach. The SLA must clearly state the audit issue in the cloud because if there is a breach of security that occur with loss of data or availability, it is vital that the consumer be able to audit the provider’s systems and procedures. The SLA should make it clear how and when those audits take place. They can be disruptive and costly to the provider.

An SLA should make it clear how the cloud provider isolates data and applications in a multi-tenant environment to maintain privacy and how data encrypted to maintain security and privacy. Apart from this, the SLA must state security issue, as a consumer we must understand the security requirements and what controls are necessary to meet those requirements. A provider must understand what they must deliver to the consumer to enable the appropriate controls and how does they protect the data and SLA defines how the provider proves they comply with retention laws and policies


A Service Level Agreement document expresses the commitment of providers to create an affordable balance between hosting costs and high levels of service availability during the service offerings. Document offers you an assurance that the services are offered with full credibility.


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How to select a good multiple domain hosting service

December 17th, 2012

Many companies have their website, which are hosted on different hosting accounts. Hosting a website in different hosting accounts make it difficult for the company to manage and run these sites efficiently. Therefore, multiple domain hosting services have emerged as a cost-effective and influential means to manage and run multiple websites without a problem. In the multiple domains hosting, a customer can shift all website domains to a single account and can manage all from the single account. The concept multiple domain hosting allows individuals to host their multiple websites from a single account. While choosing multiple domains hosting for the websites a number of factors need to be considered in order to select a good multiple domain hosting service.

There are the lists of factors one need to check before hiring a multiple domain hosting service.

Disk Space

One of the most important features of multiple domain hosting is disk space. For a multiple domain hosting, we need the maximum amount of disk space so that we can easily enlarge and update our website appropriately. A sufficient amount of disk space will enable the user to add several multimedia files to make the website more remarkable. Most multiple domain hosting companies offer unlimited  disk space in their packages, but always ensure what the package offers to before selecting the any hosting plans.

Efficient control panel

The control panel is required for maintaining and controlling the website especially if we are managing several websites. For proper working of the website, the user must ensure that and then control panel is simple and user-friendly. A good, simple and powerful control panel ensures the efficient and effective management of the websites as well as our business.

Rapid speed

A multiple domain can work more efficiently only when the multiple domain-hosting providers ensure a rapid speed. The company that has their website, which are hosted on different hosting accounts needs very huge amount of bandwidth and brings big traffic.  A multiple domain web  hosting India services is the best thing that can opt in order to accomplish the server requirements. Before we opt for any domain web hosting services, we must ensure that they will offer us the speed we need for all our websites.


A multiple domain hosting can be more efficient and effective for management of the website with the help of support service. The support system offers the users the quality services that can help in any problem they may come across with the domain. The domain host should have access to 24/7 several support system which enable them to have effectively and efficiently  management of websites

A multiple domain hosting has become tremendously popular especially for eCommerce business. A multiple domain provides economics opportunity to its client


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Important features to look for when purchasing/ hiring a hosting service

December 6th, 2012

Find the best web hosting services

The enormous growth of online business has resulted in hard-hitting competition for the websites. With the increasing number of websites on the net, the need for web hosting industry has also enhanced. Many of the web hosting services offer different packages to their customers.  It is very important for the users to look for specific features when they are purchasing or hiring a hosting service.

Now let us look at some important features when we are planning to buy/ hiring any hosting service provider we need to know certain things before we invest in any web-hosting plan. There is the list of the features one should always look before purchasing/ hiring any hosting service.

 Amount of Storage and bandwidth: before choosing the web hosting, one of the primary concerns will be about storage .How much data can we store. These days many organizations demands for unlimited storage.  Some hosts may offer unlimited storage it is always advisable to read the terms and condition. Many organizations are doing their business online now for them the business resides at the website; the organization cannot afford to have slow loading web pages on the website. It will not only test the patience of visitors but will also give a bad impression about the business. For fast loading of the web page on the website, we require a good amount of bandwidth. Therefore, before choosing a the web hosting services one must ensure that it offers a good amount of storage and bandwidth

Up time: Another very important feature to know about in a web hosting is the up time. Some companies claim 99% and some 100% up time for the servers. However, to get a better and clear idea about the up time the organization should refer to the hosting review websites. Now it is very important to inquire about up time because for a business website, even on getting down for a few hours simply means the loss of a huge amount of money and it can have a big impact on sales and profit. Moreover, it also affects the reputation of the business and makes the visitor question the credibility. It is not desirable that the site goes down and hampers the business, as the online visitors would not be able to access the site. Therefore, server uptime monitoring is very much required for the site.

Customer support and 24/7 support:  Another very important factor to be consider before purchasing or hiring a web hosting services is Customer support. Customer support also makes a huge impact on the final selection of a web hosting company. Even with exceptional features, the reputation of a web hosting company can be ruined if it does not provide good customer support. Good customer support ensures that the problems related to hosting will be addressed as soon as possible and will be solved in time when some problem occurs in the future.

Backup services:  Now before choosing a web hosting company, we need to know about the backup services provided by the company because in the world of technologies things can go wrong anytime. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep multiple backups to prevent data loss

Price: it is very important feature that the company should look for before investing in any web services always compare the prices with other web hosting company to ensure that we are getting the best of services at competitive rates.  Always take a note of the amount of free storage space offered to us and the price paid t the company.  It is always advisable to go for the affordable package where we get a number of benefits from the web hosting company.

Thus, in the end I could only say that these tips will help us select a right web hosting service for our business because different business needs a different web hosting service or plan

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