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Setup Apache handlers on cpanel

November 9th, 2009

Apache is the most renowned web server among the entire web servers on the internet since long time. Apache HTTP server is open source server which is running nearly 50% of the websites worldwide. According to the recent survey Apache served more than 50% of all websites which is nearly half of all the websites all over the world and this percentage is very high. Apache is secured, functional and is very good in terms of performance and this is the reason that it is the choice if many people.

Because Apache is entirely free of charge, you get a web server which is secured, functional and performance based without paying anything for it. If you are hosting your website on the Apache web server than it is vital for you to know that Apache changes the files when it sees or say calls a file. This means that it has some actions fixed for different types of files and Apache makes some changes when it works on a file.

Now as it is sure that apache is going to make changes in your file also you have to see that the changes made are according to you so that it is good for you and your file i.e. your website. It is possible for you to make a handler for the same purpose. An apache handler is the thing which will help you to tell apache or say command apache the changes which should be made to your file or website when apache works on your file or website. For example :- If you have a website which need a special service to run it, such as a file with server side includes that is not named with a .shtml extension, you need to tell Apache to treat these files differently. For this purpose you will need an apache handler. Below are some easy steps which will help you to create a apache handler.

Follow these Steps to create an Apache handler:-

1. Enter the handler you need to create in a first empty text box provided to you.

2. Enter the extension the handler will use when being called, in the second empty text box.

3. Now just click the add button and you will find that the Apache handler is created.

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Database Backup via cPanel

October 27th, 2009

The database backup through cPanel is an easy process, the backup wizard that comes with cPanel allow you to take database backup or restore a backup through your hosting account with an ease. the backup wizard generates one zip file that you only just have to download. The backup wizard give you easy options from where you can select what parts of your hosting account you want to backup and download.

Either you can backup your entire ‘home’ directory, MySQL databases, or the email filters and forwarders configuration. Here below is an easy process which will help you to take the backup by generating a full backup and download that backup to your home PC.

* To access the Backup Menu, click on the icon above the word Backup on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

* Click on Generate/Download a Full Backup

* Select the destination you wish to save the backup to from the drop box next to Backup Destination:

* Enter your email address in the field next to Email Address:. An email will be sent to this address when the backup is

* If you are backing up to a remote server, place the server’s name, your username, and your password on that server in the appropriate fields.

* Click on Generate Backup to start the backup process.

Now you want to download tha backup to your home computer.

1. Click on download a home directory Backup
2. Save the file to your computer.
Its just simple.

Now, you can also download a database backup.

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