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Steps for Choosing Ideal Web Hosting Solution for Your Online Business

February 12th, 2013

Web Hosting India

If you are planning to have a business website, you are going to need an ideal web hosting solution provider for your website hosting requirements. You need to be careful when choose a web hosting provider. The service provider should be the best and be able to fulfill your hosting requirements. Since, the launch of internet, a number of web hosting services have derived and are available in the market. Selection of hosting a website service completely depends on the budget and resources your website requires. Hence, it is necessary to list out your business website hosting requirements to find out the best hosting solutions.

The most common and top hosting solutions available in the market are:

Shared Hosting

Signing up with a low cost or free web hosting provider without knowing about it in details, often leaves beginners stranded into shared hosting. Web hosting providers that offer services for less, often cover the cost by sharing the server with hundreds of users. However, sharing may not be suitable for many users as the requirements of websites may vary.

The biggest disadvantage of having an account on a shared servers is that, you have to share the server with thousands of websites. Also, you never know that what configuration server is being used by the hosting provider to host your websites. The most common issues websites face on the shared server is the time loading and lack of resources. Whenever, there is high traffic on the hosted sites on the shared server, the sites consumes most of the power of the server, due to which other sites faces various issues like lack of server resources, power outages, etc… This kind of situations is not at all good for a business website. Sharing hosting is mostly suitable for individuals and small start-ups.

Low budget: If your company is weak on economy, then shared hosting is the option you should consider for your website.

Low traffic: Shared hosting is not the right option for websites driving thousands of visitors daily. Sites that doesn’t get much traffic or experiences sudden spikes are suitable for this type of hosting. It won’t create any issue for them, even if the bandwidth is shared among other users on the same server.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Also, known as VPS Hosting is known as a mid-range web hosting solution, between a shared hosting & dedicated server hosting. Virtual private servers are formed by partitioning a physical dedicated server into multiple vps using a virtualization software. The newly formed virtual private servers are completely isolated and acts as a stand alone server. It offers similar benefits of a dedicated server to the users without paying much.

Medium Budget: Since, the vps offers dedicated hosting benefits at much low cost, it is considered as a perfect solution for medium businesses.

Flexible: Businesses who don’t wish to maintain the server and requires more flexibility, high-performance, more resources should opt for VPS Hosting solution.

Dedicated Server Hosting

The dedicated servers are built for large organizations, businesses who requires more storage space, bandwidth, greater flexibility, complete control over the server, and more power. If you have an ecommerce websites like eBay, Amazon, etc… that drives huge amount of traffic per hour, then dedicated server is what you should opt for. A dedicated server provides you with complete flexibility and control over the server. A dedicated server user gets an ability to install/uninstall any third party application on the server. Some of the hosting providers allows customers to customize the web hosting server according to their requirements. Compare to other hosting solutions, the cheap dedicated servers offer maximum uptime guarantee to websites, applications hosted on it.

It is very necessary to choose the right hosting solution, in order to ensure the success of your online business. Most of the times, because of low budget people having huge traffic websites opt for shared servers, due to which websites and their visitors suffer through various issues, which frustrates both of them. Thus, it is far better to choose a hosting solution based on your website hosting requirements and not just the cost factor.

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VMware Virtualization Explained

February 2nd, 2013

VMware is the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure; it provides and delivers customer- solutions that accelerate IT by reducing complexity and enabling more flexible, agile service delivery. VMware enables enterprises to improve the efficiency and availability of IT resources and applications. More and more organisation is moving to VMware Virtualization as it provides more agility and greater efficiency to the business.

Virtualization is the top IT priorities because of reduction in cost, maximizing the IT resources to get the best returns on investment. VMware Virtualization is s design for easy use and it is a more cost effectiveness of the business. VMware Virtualization consolidate more physical servers onto a Virtualization platform now instead of buying new servers for each application we can install many applications on the servers which means more resource utilization, it will reduce energy cost by reducing the number of servers.

VMware offers various products that enable Virtualization. Virtualization has dramatically reduced IT costs while greatly improving efficiency. Now business units need rapid access to IT resources to support faster time-to-market for projects. IT needs to deliver this while ensuring that the datacenter is fully managed and secured. The VMware cloud Suite is a complete, integrated cloud infrastructure solution that simplifies IT operations while delivering the best SLAs for all applications. It helps realize the agility, efficiency and intelligent operations management of cloud computing.


VMware Server: a free virtualization platform that runs in an existing Windows or Linux operating system.VMware virtualization helps the organisation to reduce capital expenses through server consolidation and improve operating expenses through automation, while minimizing lost revenue by reducing both planned and unplanned downtime.

To achieve the same magnitude of benefits for the data center as a whole, virtualized your entire infrastructure: use the VMware cloud suited to abstract, pool, and automate all data center resources—servers, storage, networking, security, and availability—and combine them with automated operations management and policy-based provisioning. The result is a Software-Defined Data center: an infrastructure platform that delivers the full efficiency and agility of cloud computing.

Get automated operations management for the new dynamic virtual infrastructures with VMware can accelerate IT service delivery, improve operational efficiency, ensure compliance and reduce risk. Reduce costs by increasing energy efficiency and requiring less hardware with server consolidation.

Build up business continuity through improved disaster recovery solutions and deliver high availability throughout the data center with VMware Site Recovery Manager.


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